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we all understand the power of music to make a connection between an audience and a brand. music engages us emotionally, intellectually and behaviorally. it shapes our perception of the world around us.

whether you’re a creative director, a music supervisor, a brand manager or an editor, the process of curating music can be a daunting task. how do you find just the right content that will connect with your audience, while managing the associated costs?

we’re here to help.

as an audio consultancy, we know how to listen. we’re uniquely suited to building audio profiles that can be communicated to content creators. we’ve been effective in matching brands and artists, working with content creators to procure music that feels tailor made for your brand or project, while handling all the administrative details typically associated with music licensing.

but we don’t stop there.

we offer a multivariate music testing platform that allows you to test music tracks with specific audience segments. discover how potential music choices are connecting with emotional targets or desired brand associations - before you license. we can provide qualitative and quantitative data that will significantly improve your decision making process, saving you time and money.

it’s art. it’s science. it’s strategic music licensing like you’ve never experienced it before.


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